Influential History

Established on July 16, 1790, Washington, DC, is a symbol of American unity and governance, strategically positioned by George Washington between Maryland and Virginia. The 100-square-mile District of Columbia blends grand federal monuments and a cosmopolitan spirit, offering a unique juxtaposition of history and modernity. As the nation's capital, it serves as an international metropolis, a federal hub where pivotal decisions have shaped the world, and a rich repository of the country's history, all while maintaining a neighborly charm. The city's landscape, marked by the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers, continues as a testament to its role as a global crossroads and a local community, inviting exploration of its monumental beauty and complex narratives.

Eclectic Architecture

The horizontal landscape of Washington, D.C. mesmerizes with its Neoclassical architecture, mirroring ancient Greece and Rome, encapsulating the nation's foundational ideals. Landmarks like the U.S. Capitol, White House, and Thomas Jefferson Memorial are complemented on the National Mall with the metallic three tier Corona of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, none exceeding 130 feet in height. Explore Embassy Row on Massachusetts Avenue for historical residences, and stroll broad boulevards echoing Parisian civic design. From the Romanesque Smithsonian Castle to Brutalist Metro stations contrasting with Georgetown's Federalist charm and downtown's neoclassical splendor, D.C. offers a diverse architectural journey.

Authentic Lifestyle

After daytime visits to the myriad of Washington, DC monuments and museums, enjoy evenings indulging in U Street's historic jazz clubs, an evening at the theater, or Dupont Circle's international cuisine. Join the locals with a brisk morning run along National Mall, flanked by some of the nation's most iconic memorials, providing an inspiring backdrop for your exercise. Take a moment for reflective contemplation on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial before indulging in brunch followed by an afternoon shopping amid the eclectic energy of Eastern Market, where artisans and farmers showcase their craft. Kayaking along the Potomac River offers a unique perspective of the city, from serene natural landscapes to stunning views of the skyline.

Delectable Dining

Known for its international culinary experiences, DC's dining landscape promises an unforgettable experience for every palate with cozy eateries serving soul-warming comfort food, to Michelin-starred establishments offering avant-garde cuisine and molecular gastronomy. The city tantalizes with casual Salvadoran pupusas, chicken wings with mumbo sauce, or the classic DC half-smoke sausage. Savor Chesapeake Bay's blue crabs, transformed into crab cakes or enjoyed in the traditional crab feast, seasoned with Old Bay spice, of course. Cosmopolitan diners can choose from delicately spiced Ethiopian and Peruvian cuisine, to classic European and Asian specialties, all accompanied by the Rickey, DC’s official cocktail. The city's beverage scene complements its dining, with creative mixologists crafting signature cocktails and local breweries offering the region's best. 

Natural Landscapes

Nestled along the banks of the Potomac River, Washington, DC, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication, making it an ideal destination for those eager to explore its ecological wonders. With four distinct seasons typical of mid-Atlantic states, the city transforms throughout the year, from the delicate cherry blossoms of spring to the lush greenery of summer, the vibrant foliage of autumn, and the serene snowscapes of winter. The capital's vast array of parks and gardens, including the iconic National Mall, Rock Creek Park, and the U.S. National Arboretum, provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities and nature walks. Whether you're cruising on the Potomac, cycling through historic neighborhoods, or enjoying a tranquil picnic amidst the verdant landscape, Washington, DC, invites visitors to discover its natural charm and ecological diversity.


Unforgettable Excursions

Uncover diverse attractions within a three-hour journey of the nation's capital. Experience the bustling city vibes of Baltimore, Philadelphia, or New York City, each offering its unique blend of culture, cuisine, and history. Soak up the sun on the Atlantic beaches of Maryland, or meander through the rolling hills of Virginia's countryside, home to serene vineyards and world-class wine tasting experiences. Step back in time in Annapolis, where colonial elegance meets maritime tradition. For the adventure enthusiasts, the natural beauty of Shenandoah National Park and the Chesapeake Bay offers breathtaking landscapes and outdoor activities. History buffs will relish exploring the fascinating sites of Mount Vernon, Old Towne Alexandria, and Harpers Ferry, each telling a story of America's past. Each meticulously curated experience promises an unforgettable extension to your DC adventure.