New York Private Tour History
Influential History

Originally inhabited by indigenous tribes including the Lenape people, New York's historical timeline traces its transformation to a hub of pivotal industries. From its establishment as New Amsterdam in 1626 to its present-day reputation as the "Big Apple", this bustling city has played a pivotal role in historical events, such as the American Revolution, the birth of the modern financial system, and civil rights movement. From 1892 to 1924, Ellis Island was America's largest and most active immigration station, where over 12 million immigrants embarked on their Great American Dream. Incorporate history into your New York Private Tour.

New York Private Tour Architecture
Eclectic Architecture

New York's "Concrete Jungle" urban design bears witness to a diverse range of styles and influences spanning distinct historical and cultural periods. The city's architectural philosophy reflects its ever-evolving identity, from iconic Art Deco buildings such as the Chrysler Building, to the Beaux-Arts style of Grand Central Station, to Soho’s concentration of American cast-iron style, all contrasted by the sleek modernist designs of the International and Brutalist epoch found in Midtown. The unique brownstone townhouses of Brooklyn and the Upper West Side, and the innovative High Line park are also noteworthy architectural elements of the Empire City. Incorporate architecture into your New York Private Tour.

New York Private Tour Lifestyle
Authentic Lifestyle

Explore cultural institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium, as well Broadway theaters and Times Square, each integral aspects of the local scene. Imbibe in the city that never sleeps within the Meatpacking District, awaken to the local coffee culture, then spend your afternoon shopping SoHo’s chic boutiques or thrifting Brooklyn’s vintageware. Taking the subway to skate the Rink at Rockefeller Center in winter, toasting the St. Patrick’s Day spring parade, riding the Battery bike lanes to summer picnics, and partaking in the Macy’s Day Parade at Thanksgiving keep the seasons alive. Incorporate lifestyle into your New York Private Tour.

Delectable Dining

New York is a culinary paradise where food enthusiasts can savor a world of flavors as diverse as its population in Michelin-starred upscale dining spots, trendy markets, and food carts on bustling avenues. New York-style pizza, cheesecake, bagels, chowder and pastrami have each achieved global recognition. With its melting pot of cultures, Chelsea and the Villages offer a vast array of international influences, while soul food in Harlem, authentic dumplings in Koreatown and a myriad of fusion options further enhance the gastronomic journey in these vibrant neighborhoods. Incorporate dining into your New York Private Tour.

Natural Landscapes

Despite its bustling urbanity, New York’s archipelago of islands host precious biodiversity within its 28,000 acres of preserved natural spaces, which contain the Atlantic salt marshes, forests, and meadows native to the city, encouraging opportunities to hike, explore, and spot regional wildlife at the south eastern edge of New York State. Central Park, an urban oasis, merges manicured landscapes with wild woodlands and lakes, presenting a diverse ecosystem. Wildlife encounters can be enjoyed in places such as the Bronx or Central Park Zoos, and the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Brooklyn. Incorporate landscapes into your New York Private Tour.


Unforgettable Excursions

New York's prime location serves as a gateway to unforgettable adventures from a fleet of ferries, helicopters, trains, and luxury vehicles seamlessly connecting these desirable destinations. Families enjoy strolling the boardwalk of Coney Island after a whirl through the amusement park, or hiking the Catskills of the Hudson Valley. Cultural enthusiasts enjoy wine tasting in North Fork and exploring the charming Hamptons, while adventurers surf "The Irish Riviera" beaches along the Atlantic coastline in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. Only a subway ride away, countless hours can be devoted to the historical influence of Harlem. Incorporate excursions into your New York Private Tour.