Private Tour vs Custom Experience

Typical tour companies have regularly scheduled public tours that they will offer to host privately at a premium price. Some even have a pre-defined route, vendor relationships and start-end times that they may allow you to customize, to a limited extent.

Our custom experiences take time to develop and are based on what we learn about you. Yes, they are private, but they are also fully customized. This is exclusively your experience. Our goal is to figure out who you are and then determine how we're going to introduce our city to you in a way that is unique to you. It takes time, resources, connections, and communication between you and us, so we can build a trusted relationship in order to build a custom itinerary.

So, if you're looking for creativity, flexibility, authentic connections, value, and personalization within the luxury realm, you've come to the right people. 

How Your Journey Will Unfold

Whether you’ve never visited before, or feel that you know the area like the back of your hand, Bespoke Experiences will craft your private tour based on your needs. Ideal for families looking to share a special memory, couples and friends enjoying a getaway, or colleagues determined to enjoy more than the airport, hotel and meeting room, your personalized itinerary will be as broad or specific, abbreviated or lingering, adventure-seeking or fact-checking as you require.

Luxury Custom Private Experiences Range From: $2,000 - $200,000 and beyond


FOR THOSE SEEKING A BROAD OVERVIEW: Guests new to the area, or haven’t been back in years, who are looking for a general introduction to local history, culture and lifestyle. Often those interested in an appreciation of the essentials of the area before they explore on their own or return home from a convention or cruise. Also includes locals who wish to gain a better understanding of their home town, or have friends visiting.
CONSISTS OF: Private, luxury exploration of key landmarks, essential attractions and personalized areas of interest. Typically 1-3 neighborhoods.



FOR THOSE WHO DELVE DEEPER: Seasoned visitors or milestone celebrators who are interested in investing time to gain a thorough understanding of the various diverse neighborhoods, or a very specific local topic of interest such as an insider perspective on the arts, gastronomy, and history. Often includes a half day exploring the city, a taste of authentic cuisine, and then the other half of the day enjoying a private excursion or attraction. May include introductions to local subject matter experts, or the planning of accompanying special celebratory events.
CONSISTS OF: Private, luxury exploration of specified attractions and/or landmarks focusing on personalized areas of interest. 2+ neighborhoods, meal(s) and so much more.



FOR COMPREHENSIVE EXPLORERS: Travelers who recognize the engaging options within, and beyond, their destination city and wish to take their time thoroughly exploring the alternatives. These full, and multi-day excursions can be as creative, adventuresome, and exploratory as you envision. Often multi-generational families, bucket-listers or corporate incentive groups who desire an exhaustive and meticulous plan for meaningful discovery.
CONSISTS OF: Private, luxury exploration of key landmarks, essential attractions and personalized areas of interest. An intensive engagement, meal(s), thorough city overview and outlying regional exploration.