Charleston Private Tour History
Influential History

Originally founded in 1670 as Charles Town, Charleston takes great pride in celebrating its rich blend of European and African cultures. By recognizing the contributions of African and African-American influences on the area’s history, customs and traditions, the imprint can be felt by visitors today seeking inspiration from the heritage of colonial and antebellum life, both urban and rural. Incorporate history into your Charleston Private Tour.



Charleston Private Tour Architecture
Eclectic Architecture

Every photographer’s dream, over 400 Church steeples, not skyscrapers, punctuate The Holy City peninsula alongside pastel hued antebellum homes, palmettos and cobblestone streets. Tucked behind are secret alleys leading to charming, lush courtyard gardens surrounded by ironwork, and stately, yet eerie gas-lit cemeteries straight out of a novel, while on the islands are picturesque beachfront villas to admire. Incorporate architecture into your Charleston Private Tour.


Charleston Private Tour Lifestyle
Authentic Lifestyle

A town raised with "No, sir" and "Yes, ma'am," Charleston demonstrates its southern hospitality in every aspect of life, even having been named America's Most Mannerly City more than 10 different times. Nowhere does socialite elegance and the formality of sport come together better than on the exquisite year-round golf courses, tennis courts, equestrian centers, and yachts of Lowcountry and its Barrier Islands. Incorporate lifestyle into your Charleston Private Tour.


Delectable Dining

An epicurean delight, today’s local chefs craft delicious coastal and soul food meals from heirloom recipes passed down through the generations, or are inspired by their own farm, to sea, to table innovations. These home-cooked authentic flavors and fresh ingredients, combined with the Southern attitude where meals are worth savoring with relaxed conversation, ensure that every meal is tasteful. Incorporate dining into your Charleston Private Tour.


Natural Landscapes

The subtropical climate of Charleston is surrounded by water and sky, sandwiched between the Ashley and the Cooper Rivers, which it is locally said converge to form the Atlantic Ocean. This coastal landscape combining beaches, marshlands, natural bluffs, ancient live oaks, windswept dunes and centuries old pines blend seamlessly to create a timeless environment perfect for an afternoon stroll, evening bike ride, or full-day of exploration. Incorporate landscapes into your Charleston Private Tour.

Unforgettable Excursions

Within minutes of the city limits guests can step back in time to the place where the first shots of the US Civil War rang out and battles of the Revolutionary War were waged, discover the Gullah culture and learn of the handcrafted sweetgrass basket-weaving tradition from a historical plantation, board the oldest shrimp boat on Shem Creek, or play in the Ocean beneath a lighthouse near where Edgar Allen Poe once penned his most famous works. Incorporate excursions into your Charleston Private Tour.