Chicago Private Tour History
Influential History

Chicago grew from a small river-based trading post into a booming multicultural center of commerce and creativity. Although the Great Fire of 1871 devastated much of the young city, it rose from the ashes to become a modern center of opportunity – a reputation it proudly maintains today balancing tradition and innovation, welcoming people and businesses from around the world. Incorporate history into your Chicago Private Tour.

Chicago Private Tour Architecture
Eclectic Architecture

While much of the city’s original architecture was lost, Chicago moved forward, shaping its own destiny in the form of prominent architecture from Art Deco to Post-Modern. Known as the birthplace of the skyscraper, Sullivan’s structural innovation created an avenue of opportunity for prolific builders influencing diverse Chicago neighborhoods from north to south, including the first 20 years of Frank Lloyd Wright’s impressive career. Incorporate architecture into your Chicago Private Tour.

Chicago Private Tour Lifestyle
Authentic Lifestyle

With 26 miles of lakefront, 552 parks, beaches, bike trails, and ever-busy streets, Chicagoans enjoy four distinct seasons of entertainment and activity. Five major-league sports teams, the renowned Art Institute of Chicago, theaters, an acclaimed symphony center, ethnically diverse cultural centers, and chic shopping along the Magnificent Mile ensure Chicago’s 40 million annual visitors leave with memories that will last. Incorporate lifestyle into your Chicago Private Tour.

Delectable Dining

Whether you choose ninety-five stories above, or several feet under-ground, water-front, curb-side or Michelin-starred, Chicago is home to much more than just deep dish pizza and famous hot dogs. The city’s drinking culture, infamous since Prohibition lets you sneak into a speakeasy from a bygone era for a relaxing cocktail, or indulge your taste for the best of the Midwest’s established microbrewery culture. Incorporate dining into your Chicago Private Tour.

Natural Landscapes

Lake Michigan and the Chicago River provide an aqueous backdrop to the manmade structures of Chicago’s picturesque skyline, granting guests an opportunity to explore the Windy City at sunset with a Chicago River cruise from Navy Pier. If you prefer a grounded approach, we’ll bring the family to the vast Botanic Gardens or escape winter’s chill amidst the lush temperate foliage of The Garfield Park Conservatory. Incorporate landscapes into your Chicago Private Tour.

Unforgettable Excursions

As the largest city in Illinois, Chicago has no shortage of adventures awaiting you within, and beyond, the city limits. Explore one of the Great Lakes by boat, head to Grosse Point Lighthouse, or we’ll explore the various state parks. Further afield, enjoy an expedition along the lakeshore sand dunes with bird sanctuaries. And did you realize the states of Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan are each less than two hours away? Incorporate excursions into your Chicago Private Tour.