San Diego Private Tour History
Influential History

Discovered by European discoverers in 1542, the village of San Diego was under Mexican rule until 1846. Missionary and military influence from various cultures can be recognized throughout the region now complemented by modern city infrastructures. A popular year-round destination for international and North American travelers it has evolved into a majestic metropolis of sophisticated shops, restaurants, museums and historic sites. Incorporate history into your San Diego Private Tour.

San Diego Private Tour Architecture
Eclectic Architecture

From humble beginnings as a coastal village, San Diego architecture celebrates its heritage with an eclectic blend of Spanish Colonial homes and Queen Anne Victorian mansions neighboring modern skyscrapers in the heart of the city with surf shacks along the coast. As the city where California was born, freedom of creative expression is an architectural art form. Incorporate architecture into your San Diego Private Tour.



San Diego Private Tour Lifestyle
Authentic Lifestyle

The diverse neighborhoods of San Diego are recognized for their welcoming surf culture. The relaxed vibe equally influences the arts and theatrical communities as well as the lively dining, music, and nightlife scene in the colorful and unique Gaslamp Quarter, North Park and Hillcrest districts. Sports fans will also enjoy the challenging golf courses, or watching professional sports teams vie for national championships. Incorporate lifestyle into your San Diego Private Tour.


Delectable Dining

With over 6,400 dining establishments, representing international cuisine as diverse as this multicultural destination, gourmets will enjoy meeting top chefs and dining at our favorite San Diego eateries. In addition to hidden-gem vineyards with wine bars, venues overlooking coastal vistas, and locals-only hot spots, you may also wish to tap into the vibrant craft brewery scene. Incorporate dining into your San Diego Private Tour.


Natural Landscapes

Southern California geography features majestic seaside cliffs, relaxing beaches, desert landscapes, rolling hills and national forests under blue skies. In less than an hour you can be transported to a mountainscape with breathtaking panoramic vistas. Temperatures are moderate and comfortable year round with limited rain and ample sunshine, perfect for outdoor living. Incorporate landscapes into your San Diego Private Tour.


Unforgettable Excursions

Your interests may take you above the scenic landscape on an aerial adventure to peruse a hillside vineyard from above, or out to the desert for hiking or mountain biking. Seafarers may prefer to explore the Pacific via a myriad of water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, or windsurfing to commune with dolphins and sea lions. Regardless of your passion your excursion will be memorable. Incorporate excursions into your San Diego Private Tour.