Miami Private Tour History
Influential History

Miami’s history is an intriguing tapestry steeped in diverse cultures originating with indigenous tribes, including the Tequesta and Seminoles, founding Mayaimi’s native roots. The late 19th-century South Florida real estate boom was initiated by Julia Tuttle, the only woman to found a US city in 1896, transforming Miami into America's Riviera. Prohibition reinforced its notorious influence previously tied to pirates like Blackbeard. Following the revolution, Cubans emigrated to the area accompanied by their vibrant traditions contributing to a unique dialect, the "Miami accent". Due to its location and strength in trade, the city has the largest concentration of international banks in the US. Incorporate history into your Miami Private Tour.

Miami Private Tour Architecture
Eclectic Architecture

Miami's architectural landscape, shaped by Art Deco, Miami Modern (MiMo), and Mediterranean influences, inspired the moniker, ‘Billion Dollar Sandbar’. Post-hurricane redevelopment birthed the Art Deco movement, giving Miami Beach a historically renowned collection featuring buildings with vibrant pastels and intricate geometric motifs built between 1923-43. The ornate Mediterranean Revival style is prevalent in neighborhoods like Coral Gables, while Opa-locka has the Western Hemisphere's largest Moorish Revival collection. Affluent Coconut Grove, known as The Grove, is the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood. Incorporate architecture into your Miami Private Tour.

Miami Private Tour Lifestyle
Authentic Lifestyle

Miamian's enjoy an active lifestyle centered around culture, sports, and the outdoors. Miami Beach is reputed as one of the worlds' most glamorous for its nightclubs, beaches, historical art deco buildings, and shopping. The Miami Open, Art Basel, the Winter Music Conference, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Calle Ocho Festival, and Fashion Week attract millions annually. Enjoy beach lounging or water sports, exploring the Everglades, tropical cocktails, Latin music and the Wynwood Walls outdoor graffiti museum. Four-seasons of professional sports delight fans with football, baseball, hockey and basketball, along with championship golf and tennis. Incorporate lifestyle into your Miami Private Tour.

Delectable Dining

Miami's food scene is a journey through global gastronomy, distinguishing the South Florida style as Floribbean cuisine, a unique blend of Caribbean, Latin American, European and American culinary traditions. Must-try dishes like the Cuban sandwich, ceviche, Key Lime Pie, and stone crab claws epitomize the city's delectable offerings. Recognized in 2023 as Bon Appétit's Food City Of The Year, Miami's food trucks serve everything from gourmet burgers to traditional Arepas, while celebrity chef-driven restaurants and iconic landmarks like Joe's Stone Crab and Versailles, enhance Miami's reputation as a culinary gem. Incorporate dining into your Miam Private Tour.

Natural Landscapes

Miami’s Atlantic Ocean sea-level elevation shapes its tropical monsoon climate boasting a distinctive natural environment. Everglades National Park offers a glimpse into a complex "river of grass" biosphere of mangroves and marshes, home to American alligators, Florida panthers and exotic birds. Biscayne National Park engenders snorkeling and diving opportunities to glimpse manatees, explore coral reefs, and historic shipwrecks. Identifying seashells or cruising the various waterways out to the Gulf Stream educates about the native coastal ecosystem. Miami also has over 80 urban parks, while Banyan trees, palms and live oaks line quiet residential streets. Incorporate landscapes into your Miami Private Tour.

Unforgettable Excursions

Adventures abound pre- and post-embarkation from PortMiami, the world's busiest cruise port, or flying its gateway between the US and Latin America. Seafarers enjoy deep sea fishing, soaring through the Everglades via airboat, viewing the reef from a glass bottom boat, or diving for shipwrecked pirate treasure. Discover the archipelago islands of the Florida Keys along the 113-mile Overseas Highway, each known for natural beauty, a relaxed vibe and world-class snorkeling. Accessible by luxury yachts, private jets, or scenic drives are resort towns like West Palm Beach or Bal Harbour, with Bimini the closest of the Bahamas Islands. Incorporate excursions into your Miami Private Tour.