Matthew L. White

Perfect experience. First time using Bespoke travel services and couldn’t be more satisfied. Our guide, Alec Quig, was fantastic. Alec is a rapid fire, encyclopedic- knowledge gifted ambassador. He shows you what you want to see as well as what you need to see. Within minutes, we felt we were being shown the city by an old friend. Alec’s knowledge of all things New Orleans is beyond impressive. After a 4-hour tour, my wife and I felt immersed in the diverse culture and layout of the city. We saw just the right amount of neighborhoods, cemeteries, landmarks, restaurants, bars, off the path local joints, and significant places that helped us begin to understand the vibe and soul of New Orleans. From a voodoo priest ritual in Congo Square to the best gas station-fried chicken spot in town, we covered it all. The days following the tour, we visited some live music venues recommended by Alec and, again, we were not disappointed. Book with Alec now.