Janice SCOTT

As a true multi-generational New Orleanean, Janice is an expert on the influence of food, culture, and history within and surrounding the Crescent City. You may recognize her as a TV contestant on Master Chef Season 8, as her Creole cooking skills helped her get into the Top 40. Janice’s passion for learning is shared as a gift with new visitors through the unique qualities of the city she has called home for her entire life.

Licensed Professional New Orleans Tour Guide
Licensed Chauffeur

Janice SCOTT


New Orleans, Louisiana

Aisle or Window


Hidden Gem

Steamboat Houses

Ideal Sunday

Sunday afternoons are one of the only times that I relax and read, because my husband, Bruce, likes to watch sports on TV. However, I am always up for a Bespoke Experience, instead!

Travel Item

A Pashmina or large printed scarf - it can be: thrown over my head and face for a peaceful nap on the plane, a bathing suit cover up, a jacket substitute, and a fashion accessory. It also adds some color to my neutral colored travel wardrobe!

You Must Know

How different we are, in language, laissez les bonne temps rouler attitude, disregard for rules, and schedules!

Bucket List

Just one?? Out of the USA-Sicily, in USA Pacific Northwest/Alaska

My Role

Besides all of my coworkers and owners is that I get to experience wonderful things about our city and guests each day that I work! It is not a job, but an exciting adventure every time!