Gisele Goldberg

Born in France, Gisele found her home in many global naval ports, yet this worldly educator, administrator, photographer and celebrated local artisan arrived in New Orleans with her daughters just in time for Hurricane Katrina. Her vast tour guide experience stems from her passion for history which she delivers with panache.
Fluently bilingual: English and French.

Licensed Professional New Orleans Tour Guide
Licensed Chauffeur

Gisele Goldberg


Paris, France

Aisle or Window


Hidden Gem

All the surprises around every corner.

Ideal Sunday

Either with family or with Bespoke guests.

Travel Item

My passport! I like to travel light-handed and am always ready to travel abroad.

You Must Know

This answer typically takes me a couple of hours to answer… this city is so unique!

Bucket List

Montana for the landscapes, Quebec, and Scotland.

My Role

I just love my job! Meeting people from different horizons and taking them around on a discovery.