Ryan Gomez
Experience Designer
+011 (866) 514-8874 x 12

Ryan grew up in the Washington DC area with his Filipino family. He then earned a degree in Engineering at Cornell University and developed broad roots in the travel business during his not-so-spare time. Ryan cultivates an encyclopedic knowledge of cities near and far and only has attention to details. The buffet of New Orleans culture inspires his energetic and analytic mind to work with his hands and play piano.

Ryan Gomez


Washington, D.C.

Aisle or Window


Hidden Gem

Flora's Cafe in the Marigny

Ideal Sunday

Racing sailboats along the sugar sand beaches of the Florida Panhandle

Travel Item

Binoculars and a star-chart

You Must Know

We have a living, growing culture in New Orleans; take the time to respect, learn from, and befriend the different people who live here - we can provide the deepest surprises

Bucket List

I'd like to see the geometric patterns of the Alhambra, Grenada, Spain

My Role

Working with people all over the world eager for a transformative experience