Anita Stapleton
Experience Ambassador

Originally from Pennsylvania, Anita has made her home in Nashville, Tennessee for over twenty years. She moved to Tennessee to pursue her singing career and is very thankful for the opportunities she has experienced within the music industry. For over ten years, she worked as a Guest Relations Specialist and Tour Guide for the Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum. She has a deep appreciation for country music and she loves sharing the history of Nashville.

Anita Stapleton


Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Aisle or Window


Hidden Gem

The Ryman Auditorium.

Ideal Sunday

Spending time with my husband, family and friends, and our golden retriever, Abbie.

Travel Item

A hair dryer!

You Must Know

What helped to put Nashville on the map - Country Music. For the best musical experiences, check out the local bands, as well as the Grand Ole Opry.

Bucket List

The Holy Lands

My Role

Although I am brand new to the company, I appreciate this opportunity and look forward to working with Bespoke. In addition to singing, I truly enjoy the role of being a Tour Guide, and try to provide every visitor and guest with an enjoyable and memorable experience.