The man behind the scenes, Catalin is a Strasbourg, France adopted computer science major from Romania. With a passion for sports, mixed martial arts and traveling throughout Europe, he enjoys applying the problem-solving skills he learns on the playing field to the technical challenges he faces and conquers on the computer screen.
Fluently multilingual: English, French, Romanian and several computer languages.



Officially: Galati, Romania; In my heart: Strasbourg, France

Aisle or Window

Being afraid of heights and flying doesn’t really leave me the choice for the window!

Hidden Gem

Hm... tough to say. Strasbourg (and Alsace for that matter) is a truly beautiful little corner of the world. But if I had to choose one little thing I would recommend, it would be eating a 'fondant au chocolat' at the 'Au Canon' restaurant. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Ideal Sunday

I can give you my Sunday all together (let's dream): In the mountains; running in the morning, followed by a warm breakfast. After that it's off to a little bit of sight-seeing with friends and loved ones; but just enough to reach the spa/sauna, viewing the mountains and maybe music or entertainment in the background (drinks and snacks are optional and open bar). The day ends with games, laughter and in good spirits for the week to come.

Travel Item

Sports clothes and my mp3 player.

You Must Know

If you’re ever coming to Strasbourg/Alsace, pack an appetite and a love for walking!

Bucket List

For now, Italy

My Role

Helping people achieve their goals, and being part of their success.