Ben-Jamin Toy
Subject Matter Expert

With a last name like Toy, how can he ever be expected to grow up? After attending Clemson for engineering, Ben-Jamin quickly realized his life could never be behind a desk. After changing fields from manufacturing to sales and container trucking, he has spent the last decade in adventure tourism. His passion is helping others reconnect with the outdoors and others through unique experiences. He traded in an office with no windows, for one with no walls and looks forward to your office visit.

Fluently bilingual: English and German

SC Coastal Master Naturalist, ACA Level 3 Kayak Assessed and Level 2 SUP Instructor

Benjamin Toy


Armstrong County, PA

Aisle or Window


Hidden Gem

The live oak tree up Shem Creek that provides shade and is a great picnic spot

Ideal Sunday

Relaxing in a hammock with my wife, Dana

Travel Item

First rule of travel, is always have a swimming suit.

You Must Know

When coming to Charleston, SC, you must know that if you wait 5 minutes, the weather will change. Anything more than a 3 hour forecast is wrong. You must also plan to see Charleston by land (the French Quarter) and by sea (get on the water somehow)

Bucket List


My Role

Seeing the smiles when people experience my city.