New Orleans Weather and Wardrobe

Once your custom itinerary has been designed, the next question we’re asked is what to pack. Weather and culture are important considerations when traveling to our sub-tropical climate.

So here are our top three packing tips: What To Pack When You’re Travelling to New Orleans

Comfortable Footwear

Historic tree-lined streets inspire wandering, admiring and enjoying our walkable city. However, when we get an average of 72” of rain a year (yes, that’s 6 feet!) those gorgeous trees can cause uneven streets and sidewalks which wreak havoc on shoes (and sometimes ankles). We encourage you to leave the stilettos at home (except for one pair of dress heels for a formal dinner – but, plan to take a car service vs. walking to the restaurant). From a safety and sanitation stand point, I’d personally discourage flip-flops on Bourbon Street, too. Athletic shoes and sweat-wicking clothing are great options for excursions. Rainwear is also encouraged for those late-summer afternoon downpours.

Chic Layers

While it’s hot and humid outside for much of the year, we tend to overindulge in air conditioning indoors. We suggest a pashmina, cardigan or light jacket to ward off any chills. Our winters can be quite cool with high humidity (see average temps below) so having long pants and warmer tops from December through March is advised.

Modest Elegance

In keeping with our European heritage and conservative Catholic southern-culture, our dining venues encourage a finer dress code than you might suspect, particularly in comparison to other North American cities. If you’ve travelled to Europe, use that as your baseline. New Orleans fine dining establishments require men to wear a collared shirt with closed toe shoes. Many venues won’t allow guests to dine wearing jeans or shorts. Some even require men to don a jacket (ties are optional). A good rule of thumb is, if you’re dining at a restaurant with more than 2-stars, plan to dress elegantly. Eclectic restaurants are less formal; but in my humble opinion it’s better to be overdressed than under.
When visiting local Catholic churches, women are encouraged to cover their shoulders and dress modestly (remember, this is the South, after all - our churches aren’t museums but active places of worship).

Please feel free to call our team to discuss your concerns, or to address specific weather or packing questions.

New Orleans Weather

New Orleans Average Rainfall