Conscious Credibility

I often find myself describing what we do as “dancing the line between an event planner, VIP concierge, life-styler, and luxury private tour guide”. Defining what we do as world-class Experience Architects may take a little more explaining than simply calling us tour guides. And your time with us is more than just a private tour. Although, you can trust that we are licensed tour guides per New Orleans’ stringent requirements, and our trusted partners are experts in their fields.

We may not plan large group events, but your exclusive adventure receives the same personal attention to detail, professional accredited expertise, and access to local resources scaled down to suit your intimate party.

Private plantations tours? Of course. Behind the scenes nightlife? Absolutely. Custom overview of the city and surrounding parishes? It would be our pleasure.

Imagine enhancing your private New Orleans tour with a personalized blend of food and beverages, flowers, décor, musicians, special transportation, introductions to experts, or anything your heart desires. If there’s something we can do to ensure a memorable luxury New Orleans experience we’ll facilitate it on your behalf.

Because each private itinerary we create is customized, each draft requires a deeper understanding of our guest’s trip objectives and personal needs. Sometimes we are asked to pick-up or drop off at a restaurant or another special local venue thereby requiring our team to coordinate reservations within the overall plan.

Do we receive compensation from the restaurants or venues we recommend? No.
Do we pay referral fees to individuals or organizations who recommend us? No.*
Do we mark-up client expenses? No.
Do we pass-through any discounts we might receive? Yes.

Our sophisticated Bespoke brand is defined by our personal touch and tenaciously reinforced by well-earned credibility. If we suggest something, it’s because we’ve personally experienced it, and we stand behind our word.

* We do work with travel agents and agencies. Call to discuss.