Creative Calling Cards: New Orleans Quotes

The common denominator behind all of the wonderful things that people think of, when they think of New Orleans (food, history, music, art, architecture, sports) is the creators. The people. On our blog this month we’re highlighting twelve of our favorite quotes, as featured on our unique business cards, designed by yours truly. When we meet we’ll either fan them out with an invitation to ‘pick a card, any card’ then watch carefully to see which one you’ll select. It says so much about a person when they are drawn to a certain card. Or, if we know you well enough, we may just pre-select the one we feel will speak to you. As much as our business is based on creating a custom experience for you – our guests – our diverse cards are also a reflection of the people who made this city worth visiting in the first place, or are reflections on the city from those witty enough to be remembered by their observations. This collection of quotes is as carefully curated as your itinerary will be for you.

Be sure to ask for your favorite when we see you next. Or start a collection!

(Do you know of another quintessential New Orleans quote? Please share – maybe it’ll be our next design!)

Dave Grohl Quote

Brad Pitt Quote

Matthew McConaughey Quote

John Goodman Quote

Mark Twain Quote

Roosevelt Quote

Ellen DeGeneres Quote

Bob Dylan Quote

Drew Brees Quote New Orleans

Ian McNulty Quote

Tom Robbins Quote

Tennessee Williams Quote

Kataalyst Alcindor Quote

Chris Rose Quote 2

James Carville Quote

Drew Brees Quote

Chris Rose Quote

Andrei Codrescu Quote New Orleans

Chris Rose Quote 3 New Orleans

Ellis Marsalis Quote New Orleans

Lenny Kravitz Quote New Orleans

John Kennedy Toole Quote New Orleans