To be an effective member of our team, you:

  • are well-travelled, and can relate to what it feels like to be new to a destination
  • are a storyteller, but an even better listener and conversationalist
  • understand high expectations from our niche luxury clientele, and are eager to deliver excellence
  • have deep-rooted destination knowledge and personal connections to augment each experience
  • can intuitively ‘read the room’ knowing when and how best to engage your guests
  • are flexible and spontaneous to creatively adapt and respond to on-the-spot changes in plans
  • enjoy an energetically fit and active lifestyle so you can endure long days keeping up with our guests
  • look the part: you are cultivated, articulate, well-read, well-dressed and well-spoken
  • can visualize the journey and help our guests connect-the-dots historically, culturally, geographically, etc.
  • are a team player, understanding your collaborative role in delivering positive, lasting memories

Other characteristics that we value include humility, ingenuity, flexibility, kindness, hospitality, patience, stamina, humor, grace under pressure and the ability to think on your feet in all situations.

  • fluency in more than one language is advantageous
  • current certification in first aid and CPR is preferred

All of our ideal colleagues meet these other requirements:

  • local tour guide licensing compliance. Active membership in your local tour guide association is a plus.
  • valid driver’s license (chauffeur license or local equivalent) and spotless driving record
  • flexible schedule for training and experience delivery
  • university/college education (a high level of extra-curricular engagement is beneficial)
  • connected and competent: smart phone + computer + social media