Sinan Xiu

Jennifer and Travis created a tailored itinerary for an anniversary celebration for my family that was really impressive. Here's what we ended up doing: 1) Private drinks in the courtyard of a charming French Quarter mansion. 2) Private tour of major points of interest with historical commentary. 3) A surprise whirl through a lovely natural venue. 4) Dinner at a hard to reserve restaurant, with a gracious reception from the owner. 5) Jazz club visit with a very special interactive element. And they shuttled us from each stop to the next in a nice luxury car - a godsend in the May humidity...

Here's why I was impressed: 1) Personal process - likes, dislikes, personality, food preferences. 2) Pacing was very thought out. 3) They included all kinds of surprises and special touches that were amazing. 4) They seemed to be well-connected with the right venues and right people in NOLA. 5) This wasn't just an itinerary - it was high level, tailored service.

They both have a lot of experience in national-level hospitality management, which showed in the attention to detail, creativity and smooth execution. I would put them up against any "big city" travel planning folks any day of the week! Overall, they planned a very impressive day for our family in NOLA that matched our needs and wants to a T. Very worthwhile. Via TripAdvisor (with flawless 5 star ranking)