Scott & Mindy Neuhardt, Mike & Kerry Marsh

Thank you for a great experience in New Orleans. We all thought it was fantastic. The choices you made for our tour were perfect, from the plantation to Sylvester -even the voodoo priest’s snake that sent Mindy running down the block! Because of your tour we all left New Orleans with a much deeper appreciation of its culture, people and entertainment. It was Exactly what we wanted.

The other key to our visit was your recommendations which were spot on. I mean, really, the wives did yoga in the Cabildo - how many locals even do that?! The restaurant recommendations were also great. The one issue we all had is that we did not get the tour on the first day – if it weren’t for the NADA convention, and we had been available to meet you sooner, we would have enjoyed days worth of exploring based on the information you gave us. Thanks again!