Having lived in San Francisco for 40 years, Robin has witnessed techies become the new bohemians and hoodies dethrone tie-die. He’s hitchhiked across America four times, driven in a demolition derby, worked as a construction worker in Paris and taught English in Japan. Before becoming a local tour guide he established a career as an art director, designing advertising for top brands. Now, with his wife and son, he specializes in urban exploration and fiction writing.
Proficiently bilingual: English and Japanese.

Member, San Francisco Tour Guide Guild



Lewes, Delaware

Aisle or Window


Hidden Gem

If I reveal them, they will no longer be “hidden gems.” Ha! Several scenic views come to mind: Bernal Hill, Billy Goat Hill, Grand View Park from the top. The David Ireland House might be considered a unique artistic spot that few know of. I took a couple to the top of Mt Tam to see the sunrise; not many people have done that and it’s only possible in the summer to get access to the park in time for sunrise.

Ideal Sunday

Walking the beach at Fort Funston with my dog.

Travel Item

Humility before the Natives.

You Must Know

You don’t need to know anything. Just relax and be yourself.

Bucket List

Bhutan, Easter Island, Patagonia, Istanbul, Scandinavia & Southeast Asia

My Role

The nice feeling I get when my customers are fully engaged in a story.