Regional Sales Manager
Market(s) : San Diego, San Francisco, Wine-Country
+011 (866) 514-8874 x 18

A lover of people, places, and pie. I swoon over classic cars, antiques, and old houses—anything with a story to tell. When I hear a groove, I’ve got to move; it’s quite possible you will find me on a dance floor mimicking the moves of Elaine from Seinfield. If you’re looking for someone with a heart full of joy, a belly full of sweets, and a penchant for quality, friendly conversation, I’m your girl!

Lisa Wilkerson


Richmond, VA

Aisle or Window

Window usually taking pictures of the landscape

Hidden Gem

Maymont—a historic house museum, botanical garden, zoo, and gorgeous views of the James River. Something for everyone!

Ideal Sunday

Visiting family.

Travel Item

White noise machine.

You Must Know

California is the biggest state in the Union and it can take over 8 hours to travel from San Francisco to San Diego by car. The great news is there are many regional flights, allowing you to travel the same area in about an hour and half.

Bucket List


My Role

Making people happy.