Hailing from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this Southern charmer can equally balance the heft of a garden hoes with the delicacy of a makeup brush, or navigate discussions of the realities of antebellum history with the current perspectives of life in the Big Easy. His diplomacy, borne in the South, refined under the tutelage of Dior and Armani, and honed in New Orleans over the last six years guiding guests through the most interesting culinary and architectural gems he discovers sustains him until he retires on a restored, gracious plantation.

Licensed Professional New Orleans Tour Guide
Licensed Chauffeur



Tuscaloosa, AL

Aisle or Window


Hidden Gem

I don’t think they’re hidden but visitors tend to overlook them, our parks. Especially, City, Crescent and Audubon Parks.

Ideal Sunday

Picnic on the levy with my dogs and friends.

Travel Item

My old school travel diary

You Must Know

To leave your Type A personality at the airport.

Bucket List


My Role

How I can just jump into the experience when I pick up the guest. Everything has been handled, I’m informed and briefed on almost every aspect.