Stephen P. Herchak
Experience Ambassador

Stephen’s love for history and Charleston began as a child when he gazed out from The Battery, to Fort Sumter, and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. Ever since, sharing Charleston’s story has been his passion. He was flattered to be asked to serve as President of Charleston Tour Association where he learned from the best of the best, in order to craft excursions that were uniquely Charleston and uniquely his own.

Certified Tour Guide with the City of Charleston and Member of the Palmetto Guild

Stephen P. Herchak


Charleston, South Carolina

Aisle or Window


Hidden Gem

The United States Custom House interior -- everybody goes BY but NOBODY ever goes IN

Ideal Sunday

Biking with my wife the 15mins to the ocean, then riding the length of the beach followed by fish and chips and a pint at our favorite Irish pub before pedaling home.

Travel Item

Sealed foil pouch of tea, such as Bigelow’s, for breakfast

You Must Know

The city voted by Conde` Nast Traveler and Travel and Leisure Magazine as #1 in the country and the world is a TOTALLY different place from when I grew up here.

Bucket List

Anywhere ancient and European. Something will remind me of home.

My Role

The opportunity for a personal experience to make someone fall in love with being here as much as my wife and I are to be back home again.